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This WordPress Plugin allows you to load additional JavaScript files without the need to change theme files or to add a lot of plugins.


Free WordPress Plugin to add JavaScript files automated to HTML header or footer.

This WordPress Plugin allows you to load additional JavaScript files without the need to change theme files. This is especially useful when e.g. using a purchased premium theme. Also you do not have to install a lot of pluigns that supply the needed functionality.

To load additional JavaScript files just put them into a directory namend jsautoload. This directory can be placed in three different locations that are loaded in the following order:

  • Child Theme dependent (if using a Child Theme) : in the Child Theme’s directory
  • Theme dependent : in the Theme’s directory
  • Theme independent : in the wp-content directory

You can use as many subdirectories as you like. Only files with extension .js are added, all other files are ignored. To ignore a complete directory (including all subdirectories) name the directory beginning with an underscore (_). The files are added in alphabetical order, so you can define the sequence of loading by the file names. Directories always are added after files (e.g. zzz.js ist loaded beforeaaa/whatever.js, not after).

In most cases JavaScript files are loaded in the <head> section. If you want to load one ore more JavaScript files at the end of your HTML file just place them into a directory named footer. The footer directory can be placed in any subdirectory. Also JavaScript files in subdirectories of footer directory will be loaded in the footer. To add the files to the footer of your Theme it is required to call wp_footer() in your footer.php.

In the WordPress Admin Menu under Tools you’ll find the item JS AutoLoader. Here the paths where you can store the JavaScript files are displayed. Also the currently loaded JavaScript files are listed. There are no options to configure.


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