smart Custom Display Name


This WordPress Plugin allows you to completely customize any user's Display Name


Free WordPresss Plugin to change the value of "Display name publicly as" in user profiles to any string

Ever wondered how to change the name shown as post author – like e.g. “Posted three days ago by John Doe in Category Whatever“. In this case “John Doe” would be the “Display Name” set in the users profile in WordPress Admin.

But WordPress only allows you to select from these given values:

  • Nickname – e.g. “JoDo
  • Username (Login) – e.g. “J0hnD03
  • First Name – e.g. “John
  • Last Name – e.g. “Doe
  • First + Last – e.g. “John Doe
  • Last + First – e.g. “Doe John

What if you want the Display Name to be e.g. “John – the JoDo – Doe“?

It is not possible – unless you install and activate this simple and handy plugin that does not need any configuration. Just install and activate. Display Name field becomes a regular text input field where you can type in anything you like.




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