5 Reasons why you should keep your WordPress Plugins up to date

Posted on 2014-12-28

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Regardless of whether  you have countless Plugins installed or just a few or even only a single one, it is important to update Plugins immediately after a new version is available. Honestly, there may be reasons to not update one or another Plugin – maybe it’s incompatible with the WordPress version you’re using or whatever – but in most cases you should always keep them up to date because of at least five reasons.

Reason Number One – Security Flaws and Spam Attacks

Many of the Plugin developers work on their code frequently or at least they are listening to feedback from the community. So maybe there’s a security risk the author discovered himself or that was pointed out by a user. Similar there may be a flaw that can lead to spam attacks by automated bots. Not updating a Plugin may put your WordPress website as risk, bring you a lot of comment spam or – to make things worse – send your registered subscribers mail spam.

Reason Number Two – Website Performance

Even incredibly patient people can’t stand waiting for a slow website to be loaded. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. A slow website makes visitors go away before the page is loaded completely. Search engines more and more pay attention to that fact. Loading time and speed of a website today impacts search engine ranking. Google & Co downgrade slow websites. A slow Plugin can cause your website a bad search engine ranking and losing visitors. Plugin developers should know about that. Maybe a developer realizes bad performance and improves that. Not updating a Plugin may cost you visitors.

Reason Number Three – Function

Every few weeks there’s a new WordPress version. Plugin developers should make sure that their Plugin works with the latest WordPress version. Updating WordPress but not updating a Plugin may cause functionality failures.

Reason Number Four – Features

A Plugin developer gets feedback from the users across the web. Maybe the developer may have added some features that can make your life a lot easier. Why go without it?

Reason Number Five – Save Time and Trouble

Updating a Plugin only needs a click and takes just a few seconds. Laziness is no excuse. If you do not update a lot of Plugins for a long time it will take much longer to update all of them at once. Keeping Plugins up to date saves time. And not updating a Plugin may lead to massive additional expenditure to solve needless problems – see above…

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