hashtagger Version 2.1 allows usage of @nicknames

Posted on 2014-10-10

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Using @nicknames instead of @usernames enhances WordPress Security!

Since hashtagger Version 2.0 @username can be used to link either to the users profile page or to the users homepage. Due to the response of a Plugin user it turned out that the usage of @username is not the best solution to create the desired link. It is a security risk because publishing the username on your WordPress site tells half of the needed credentials for log in to the public.

In hashtagger Version 2.1 an option was added to use @nickname instead of @username. This is the better option but for compatibility with version 2.0 @username is still the default. It is highly recommended to use @nickname to enhance WordPress security!

Please take a look at the article Why you should use @nicknames instead of @usernames for more detailed informations.

Also in Version 2.1 the Theme Function do_hashtagger() was added. This function can be used in your theme files to process #hashtags and @usernames in any given string, e.g. within the value of a custom post field.

Example: <?php echo do_hashtagger( get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'mycustomfield', true ) ); ?>

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