hashtagger Version 3.0 comes with a lot of new stuff

Posted on 2014-12-21

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Version 3.0 of the hashtagger Plugin is available for download now. The new version was completely rewriten and introduces a lot of new features and settings. Users of previous versions should upgrade immediately to get all the new stuff.

One of the new features is the possibility to not delete unused tags. This may be useful if a lot of posts with tags exists or you want to add additional tags that you don’t want to have as a hashtag within the content.

Also you can now turn of processing of Pages and Custom Posts if you don’t want to use hashtags in them. With this settings they are not processed unnecessarily for better performance.

A realy nice innovation is that from now on hashtags (and of course usernames respectively nicknames) can not be used only in Content but also in Excerpt and Title.

Last but not least a “Regenerate” Function is included which allows the regeneration of all affected objects using the current settings!

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