link-log Version 2.0 is outPosted on 2015-12-10

The new link-log Plugin version comes with a lot of new stuff. It closes two security risks and intruduces new features.

Closed vulnerabilities

HTTP Response Splitting

New line characters are now removed from links. See Details.

Open Redirect

The target URLs are now encrypted to prevent phishing attacks. See Details.

New features

Customization of Anlysis Page

If you are managing a WordPress site with multiple users you now can change the menu item title and the page title of the Analysis Page to make your users happy.

Showing link descriptions instead of URLs

It is now possible to add a description to each link that is shown on the Analysis Page instead of the URL.

WordPress 4.4

Of course link-log 2.0 is tested with the brandnew WP 4.4.

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