is now Peter’s Plugins

Posted on 2016-08-01

I've quit blogging here.

This will be removed soon.

It is obvious, why I’ve chosen the name “Peter’s Plugins” – plainly and simply because my first name is Peter. So you may wonder why I’ve used “” up to now. Well, I also wonder…

My second name is unpronounceable for every non-German-speaking person. That’s why it would be difficult to remember for the most of you. After thinking about a memorable name for a little while I’ve decided to use “”. In my opinion software has not necessarily to be feature-rich. I like to keep it simple. One piece of software should solve one problem and not try to solve all sorts of problems at once (that’s why I like the plugin architecture of WordPress – a more or less lean core expandable by modules). I’m not one for bloated software. On the other hand I also hate cheesy software. Software has to be smart – clever developed and easy to use. And the “cc” is for “customer-centered”. If only I had spent more time thinking about the name…

“Peter’s Plugins” is very much more personal. It should be obvious that there’s no company behind it. I’m developing the plugins just for the fun of it and want to show that clearly and distinctly.

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