What’s coming up in WordPress version 4.3

Posted on 2015-07-08

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Release of WordPress 4.3 is announced for August 2015, Beta 1 is available since about one week. Time for a once-over.

Once again the WordPress team improved the Customizer. Menus can now be managed with the Customizer, which allows a live preview without the need to change the site for visitors (see screenshot below – taken from wordpress.org).

Managing Menus using the WordPress Customizer

The general settings page now allows to upload a Site Icon. It’s also possible to crop the image. This automatically generates a favicon and a mobile icon.

An enhancement to the editor brings a really nice feature to speed up writing by allowing the usage of simple markup in the text similar to Markdown. Unlike Markdown these text patterns immediately change the format at typing.

For better security WordPress now limits the life time of password resets, no longer sends passwords via email, and suggests a secure password when adding a user.

Comments are now turned off on pages by default. About time!

Under The hood of course there’s a lot more. The WordPress Trac currently lists 85 tickets targeted at 4.3 release.


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