WordPress 4.6 is just around the corner

Posted on 2016-08-10

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The release candidate for WordPress 4.6 is available since two weeks, the final release is targeted for next week. So what’s coming up with Version 4.6?

The WordPress Trac lists 485 tickets for milestone 4.6. Quite a few changes! Most of them under the hood.

What you’ll relize first (or not) is that your WordPress admin area may look slightly different on different platforms. Up to now WordPress used the Open Sans font for the admin area. This font has to be loaded from Google Fonts. That increased page load times of admin area and affected speed. System fonts load more quickly, have better language support and make web apps look more like native apps

With version 4.6 the admin area will revert back to using the system fonts. Which font is used depends on your OS and the browser you are using. Therefore the admin adrea looks different if you are using various browsers or devices. The screenshot shows the difference using Firefox on a Windows 10 machine.

WordPress 4.6 uses system fonts for admin area

WordPress 4.6 also brings improvements to autosave. Autosave is no longer affected when revisions are disabled. Now you can restore autosaved posts even if you disabled revisions. And the visual editor highlights broken links from now on which is a nice feature.

A major change is made to the Plugins section. The developers call it “Shiney Updates”. Installing a plugin will no longer load a new page. In WordPress 4.6 this will happen in background – similar to installation of a theme.

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