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Custom Spinner for Contact Form 7

This free WordPress Plugin allows you to customize the spinning loader animation of Contact Form 7

For good reason the Contact Form 7 plugin is the most used contact form plugin for WordPress. The downside is that you see the same boring spinning animation on zillions of websites.

This free WordPress plugin allows you to customize this loader animation!

Contact Form 7 Custom Spinner - Free WordPress Plugin - Screenshot

The created spinners are pure CSS animations. The plugin does not use images. It does not generate additional server requests.

Create your custom loader animation by choosing from

  • 12 animations
  • 16 colors
  • 3 sizes

(which gives a total of 576 possible combinations).

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This WordPress Plugin is absolutely free without any restrictions.
I spend a lot of my precious spare time to develop and maintain my free WordPress plugins. You don’t need to make a donation. No money, no beer, no coffee. If you like this plugin then please do me a favor and give it a good rating. Thanks.

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