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This WordPress Plugin allows you to define any of your WordPress Pages as 404 Error Page

Free WordPress Plugin 404page - your smart custom 404 error page by Peter RaschendorferThe 404page plugin is the #1 plugin to create a customized 404 error page in WordPress.

The HTTP code 404 indicates that the requested page is not found. This is out of control of website owners, because it is not possible to prevent wrong links. In WordPress the page that is shown in case of an 404 error is part of the Theme. By default those pages do not provide any information on what to find on your site. The visitor its left in a dead end. Most visitors will close a website as soon as they encounter a not helpful 404 error page.

Most WordPress Themes do not allow you to change the 404 error page. That is what the free WordPress Plugin 404page ist made for! It is the most used plugin to create a custom 404 error page that save users from being locked in a stalemate which reduces the bounce rate of your site. Just create the page like any other and select that page as your 404 page. That’s it!

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Theme Compatibility

  • The 404page plugin works with every theme that uses the WordPress template engine
  • For themes that use their own template engine there is a Compatibility Mode which should work with almost every theme

Plugin Compatibility

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