FREE DOWNLOADThis WordPress Plugin allows you the usage of #hashtags in your posts.

The Free WordPress Plugin hashtagger allows you to use #hashtags, @usernames (resp. @nicknames) and $cashtags in your posts.


Use #hashtags in posts. This plugin uses the WordPress Tag system to field your post under the desired tags. The plugin follows the rules for hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


The usage of @usernames can be activated optionally. @usernames can link either to the Users Profile Page or to the Users Website. If the username does not exist the text remains unchanged and no link is created. Optionally @nicknames can be used instead of @usernames.


The usage of $cashtags can be activated optionally. $cashtags link to the concerning stock symbol at MarketWatch, Google Finance or Yahoo Finance.

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Why you should use @nicknames instead of @usernames

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