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This free WordPress Plugin allows you the usage of #hashtags and @usernames in your posts

This plugin uses the WordPress Tag system to automatically convert a #hashtag into a Post Tag. Each #hashtag is added as a “normal” tag (without leading hash) to the post, so it is fully compatible with existing tags!

Furthermore this plugin enables you to use @usernames to automatically create links to a users profile page or website and $cashtags to automatically create links to show the current stock value.

hashtagger - Free WordPress Plugin - Screenshot

You can use #hashtags, @usernames and $cashtags on Posts, on Pages and on Custom Post Types within Content, Title and Excerpt.  There are a lot of settings you can customize.

This WordPress Plugin is absolutely free without any restrictions.
I spend a lot of my precious spare time to develop and maintain my free WordPress plugins. You don’t need to make a donation. No money, no beer, no coffee. If you like this plugin then please do me a favor and give it a good rating. Thanks.

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