Plugin Privacy Information

  • None of my plugins sets cookies in frontend (details of backend cookie see below)
  • Except of Link Log none of my plugins collects or stores any data (details see below)
  • None of my plugins sends any data to external servers

The plugin Link Log stores IP-addresses of visitors in your database to identify multiple clicks from the same IP-address and exclude them from counting. As of version 3 the link-log plugin encrypts the visitors IP-address before storing it into the database. The encrypted IP-addresses can not be decrypted. The plugin also forces you to encrypt the already existing data.

Usage of cookies in Admin

Some of my plugins set a cookie if you visit the plugins settings page. It doesn’t affect visitors of your website. The only purpose of this cookie is to store, which tab is currently opened. If you go to another page in admin and come back, the same tab will be activated automatically. The cookie only stores the active tab, no other data. No data is collected and nothing is shared with external services. The cookie is deleted as soon as the browser is closed.